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A Common Thread: Artful Allies

A Common Thread: The Abstraction of Artful Allies

We are delighted to announce that best friends,
Mixed Media Artist JUDY BRUCE and Glass Artist CAROLE PERRY
will be our Featured Artists for September 2019!
We hosted an Artist Reception for Judy and Carole during the 4th Friday Art Walk on September 27th from 5-8pm.
See photos here!

Carole Perry has been creating functional and sculptural glass from her Laughing Glass Studio in Cave Creek for nearly 30 years.  In 1990, Perry set aside a successful career in computer sales and marketing (IBM, Xerox, micro computers) to pursue her passion for glass full time.

Carole once said, “When I moved to the desert, every magical thing in the world came together for me – the light, the colors, the artists and a culture of preservation. I’m aware every single day that I have found the equivalent of heaven on earth.”

Her unusual signature sculpture, “Glass Tapestries,” is the result of a life-long rebellion against the dreaded “DO NOT TOUCH” rule for children regarding glass. “A large part of my passion for glass is the real need to touch each piece that captures me.”

A tapestry piece begins with the cane (glass threads), cut and “woven” on the kiln shelf.  At least 9 layers deep, it requires more than 9,000 threads to complete one sculpture.  The piece is then heated slowly to near 1500ºF, when “tack” melting occurs.  When the piece has “struck”, the glass is briefly removed from the kiln, hand manipulated into its final shape.  The absence of a mold and the very limited time available (10 seconds or less) to shape ensures each sculpture is unique, impossible to exactly duplicate.

The gallery is also filled with Carole’s “Waterfall” sculpture, “Poppy Gardens” and functional dinnerware, created with her partner/husband, Don Carroll.

Judy Paxton Bruce was born in the small town of Danville, Illinois.  Everyone knew, even when she was young, that Judy was an artist because of her constant coloring, drawing and fantasizing. From fourth grade on, her teachers sat her at the back of the classroom painting for local art contests. She has always been passionate about color, texture, expression and uniqueness and figural work.

She received her BFA from Illinois Wesleyan University and an MS in Interdisciplinary Arts from the Chicago Consortium that included the Art Institute. In college, painting, as well as printmaking, was a passion but after walking into a classroom she fell in love with teaching and spent thirty-five years working in elementary and junior high art. During that time, she spent summers painting and had an antique and folk art business. Soon after retirement, Judy and her husband Jim moved to Cave Creek after falling in love with its beauty and serenity. Judy now paints and works with mixed media full time in her studio.

Judy’s art illustrates what it is to be human, as she says, “We are vulnerable, fierce, beautiful, fragile, sad, ill, joyful, fearful and hopeful. I express these feelings through abstract color, texture, line and pattern, almost always creating people.”

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4th Friday Art Walk, September 27, 2019

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About Us

Van Gogh’s Ear Gallery opened its doors on historic Whiskey Row in lovely downtown Prescott, Arizona, in April of 2003.  Presenting over 3400 square feet filled with exceptional contemporary fine art and craft, Van Gogh’s Ear Gallery remains “home” to over 70+ artists – many of whom are from the Prescott area, itself. Offering some of the most unusual and intriguing artwork in the country, Van Gogh’s Ear Gallery is clearly a “must see” for all art lovers visiting the southwest.

The owners of Van Gogh’s Ear are most proud of its history.  After spending almost five months renovating the space themselves to accommodate the needs of a large gallery, the ever-versatile owners then constructed all of their own pedestals and display cases!

A year later, the owners were rewarded for their efforts when Arizona governor, Janet Napolitano, presented the architect and gallery owners with a Main Street Award for historic reconstruction of a commercial space.  

Soon after that, Van Gogh’s Ear won the Niche Award for Retailer of the Year; an award offered in recognition of quality of artwork offered, ingenuity of display, as well as business skill.

Giving back to the community has always been an integral part of who we are.  Over the past few years we have had the privilege to contribute to the following organizations that have brought needed services and quality of life to our community and Arizona: Prevent Child Abuse AZ, Yarnell Restoration Fund, Prescott Film Festival, Courthouse Lighting Fund, Chalk It Up!, West Yavapai Guidance Clinic Foundation, and Prescott Creeks.

But in the end, it is ensuring honest, open and respectful relationships – whether between  owner and artist, manager and employee or business and community – that remains the key to success or failure.  Van Gogh’s Ear Gallery prides itself on its continued dedication to those principles and to its collection of top-notch art.



“Walking into Van Gogh’s Ear Art Gallery makes me smile. I love the brilliant colors, the intriguing shapes and the unique jewelry. It’s always a pleasing experience to browse the exhibits in such a bright and uplifting environment. The staff are fabulous, friendly and helpful. I always feel welcomed by the owners and staff, making it a “must stop” on the 4th Friday Art Walks. It’s a great place for an art collector as well as a gift shopper or for anyone who enjoys beauty. It’s my favorite gallery in Prescott.”

Gail Martin

“Van Gogh’s Ear is by far THE BEST fine art gallery in Prescott. They offer a great collection of artists with spacious and well lit displays. Knowledgeable, friendly gallery staff make browsing and buying a fun experience. Something special for every budget and every collector from fabulous handcrafted jewelery to magnificent wall art. Van Gogh’s Ear is Prescott’s finest gallery experience.”

Jill Johnson

“As a former gallery owner myself, I love the collection of artists Van Goghs ears is working with. Classy and current…….I want to aquire a piece from every artist!”


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