Gallery Applications



Please mail us a CD of your work that includes the following:

– Images of at least 5 pieces of your work that are presently available for sale. Please use JPEG or TIFF form, and do note: NO power point without a viewer included.

– Indicate sizes where necessary.

– Indicate medium.

– Include a price list — Make sure you let us know if your prices are retail or wholesale. Our gallery commission split is 50/50%

– Resumes / artist statements are welcome, but not required until the work has been accepted. However, PLEASE include the basics… Name, address, phone, and email.

Mail to:

Van Gogh’s Ear Gallery Jury Committee
156B South Montezuma St.
Prescott, AZ 86303

The Jury Committee carefully studies each portfolio. We make decisions based upon quality of work, price range, whether we have space available, and our sense as to whether the work fits well with the overall feel of the gallery.

Please allow 2-3 months for the jury process. WE will contact YOU either by phone or email after the Jury Committee has met. Understand that we have many artists applying to our gallery, and although your work may be of top quality, we cannot accommodate all artists. If you are not accepted to the gallery at this time, Van Gogh’s Ear does not mail back applications. However, we do keep portfolios on file for 3 months after the Jury has met. These submissions can be picked up during business hours at the gallery sales desk.

Thank you for your interest!!