Featured Artist – Jody Skjei

Created by Jody Skjei

A story of the future…A long, long time from now, in a galaxy far, far away too familiar, out of what we left behind, a new possibility was created.  And as things were the way they were then, and as things are the way they are now…The Walkabouts came to be.  A clan known to be fanciers of appearance and lavish attire, had (unintentionally of course) through an excess of plumage and other bold choices…so many so, that they eventually (except for a persistent few) grounded themselves! However, because of their stylish nature and bias towards walking their adventure, they were perfectly suited to behold the beauty and awe that surrounded them.

And since every clan had and knew their purpose, and all and everyone knew that each and all were equally important and in need of the whole, the Walkabouts found their purpose in being in the moment, one after the other, with a notable serene, yet confident style continuously observing the wonder and splendor of it all..


So in support of the possibility of a kinder, more compassionate and agreeable society, they were more than happy and never hesitate to recall what they saw…

Born in Minneapolis, Jody’s family moved to Prescott in 1972 where she began her adult life (sort of!).  Always drawn to the arts, she has explored many media, but it was metal that found Jody.  A brief relationship with a “welder” was all the inspiration she needed to take off on her own and the rest is history. 

Jody adds, “The realization that these objects would be here long after we’re gone and when I use them in my work they are transformed into a commitment of possibility, the evolution of creation.” As each creature is created and their personal stories develop at the same time, she sees their purpose in the “new society”.

Jody is an artist, mother and explorer of life, enjoying a long, loving relationship with her dog, Skjeimus.