Being raised at the Champie Dude Ranch in Castle Hot Springs, Arizona, Kit Carson has always had a thing for the Southwest.  He remembers James Arness of TV’s Matt Dillon who came to the ranch with his beautiful pistol. It wasn’t the pistol Kit was interested in but the engraving on the pistol that impressed him.

Kit met the art world at the early age of 9. By 18, he knew the path; by 25 he was in the business.  Kit’s specialty is engraved jewelry complemented by a rainbow of gemstones, including high grade turquoise.  Influenced by the beauty and humor of animals, Kit’s design style also has an Art Nouveau filter that smooths out his lines.

Kit’s current line of jewelry is called Romantic Rust with a particular focus on cuffs made from rusted license plates and old tool boxes.

Kit refers to this on-going series as a “lust for rust” and adds beautifully engraved whimsical phrases such as “Everything’s Ok” and “We Came from the Stars”.

Kit also creates metal sculptures, wall art, furniture, lamps and guitars! All are constructed from what Kit calls “the rusty junk left behind in the wild west.”

Kit’s accomplishments have garnered him numerous awards as well as the well-deserved accolade, “jeweler to the stars!”  with clients such as Jack Nicolson, Alice Cooper, Clint Black, Robert Redford, Bruce Springsteen, Joni Mitchell, George Clooney, Robin Williams to name just a few.

Having just moved back to Prescott after several years away, Kit is happy to be here close to his family and old friends.